A reimagining of the character El Chapulin Colorado by Roberto Gomez Bolanos as a hard-boiled noir detective
Part of a retro series, Batman from the 1960s series played by Adam West dances the Batusi with Catwoman
My version of Power Girl in a classic super-hero stance.
Based on the character created by Felicia Day for her twitch streams, Randi is a former X-Men who became a house flipper.
This illustration was created to showcase Supergirl in motion and foreshortening in a classic flying towards the camera pose.
Part of a retro series, a classic crossover fighting between two 1980s cartoons, ThunderCats and SilverHawks. Who would win?
A reimagined cover of a classic game by SEGA for the Master System. What wouls Alex Kidd look like with modern graphics?
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